We know you have a lot of questions about chiropractic care and chiropractors.

Let #1 Columbus Chiropractors Dr. Brian Mabry and Dr. Chris Mabry answer all your most frequently asked questions. Don’t see the answer you’re looking for? Contact us at our Worthington, Westerville, Gahanna, and Lewis Center locations for additional help.

How much does an adjustment cost?

Your out-of-pocket cost is determined by your individual care plan. We design your care plan based on your unique situation and current health challenges. Your Columbus, Ohio chiropractors will map out the adjustments you need to change your spine and improve the function of your nervous system.

Fortunately, we are able to make your care more affordable through insurance or by creating a customized payment plan. We do accept insurance and will check with your insurance company to see how it will contribute to the care you receive in our office. This may reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.


Do you take insurance?

Yes, we accept insurance. On your first visit, we will ask to make a copy of your insurance card. We will check with your insurance company and see how they contribute to covering your chiropractic care.

No Insurance? No Problem. Some insurances don’t contribute to chiropractic care. You will find our rates are affordable, and you can receive the recommended care plan our experienced Columbus Chiropractors create for you.


Do you accept Medicare?

Yes! We can utilize most Medicare policies including Medicare supplement plans. Upon scheduling your first visit, please let us know if you will be utilizing any type of Medicare policy so we can best advise you on how your insurance contributes to your care and any out-of-pocket expenses you may expect.

Do you accept Medicaid?

Due to the restrictive nature of the guidelines Medicaid places on Chiropractors, we are unfortunately unable to accept payment from any Medicaid insurance plans. However, because we believe everyone should be able to receive high quality chiropractic care, free from restrictions, recipients of Medicaid benefits qualify for the same competitive self-pay rates as other uninsured and underinsured individuals in our offices.


Will you adjust me on the first visit?

Yes, and here’s why…Your health is our main priority.

However, we will not perform an adjustment without thoroughly evaluating your body first to determine if you are a good candidate for chiropractic care. On your first visit, we will collect all of your information along with any necessary scans and X-rays. Provided the doctor does not find anything that would prevent us from adjusting you, we will perform your first adjustment in our office, at that time.

We schedule a follow up visit for the next day or two to review the results of your evaluation, set up your customized care plan, and answer any new questions you may have.


What adjusting technique do you use?

Our work is based on a technique called CBP—Chiropractic Bio-Physics (www.idealspine.com), which focuses on correcting shifts in your spinal column. We use a combination of drop tables, adjusting instruments, and traditional diversified (sometimes called Palmer Method) adjustments with that “pop” many people associate with chiropractic adjustments. Part of our initial evaluation is to learn any concerns you may have about adjustments and address them so we can find the most comfortable and effective way to adjust you.


Once you start going to the Chiropractor, do you have to go forever?

Funny, nobody ever asks their dentist this question…

The truth is, there is no lifetime contract. Practice members can leave or resume care whenever they like. Chiropractic is not addictive—unless you consider a desire for better health to be an unhealthy pursuit. Chiropractic is best utilized with regular adjustments, similar to exercise…one workout does not get you in shape, and typically neither does one adjustment.

Based on our evaluation findings, we will give you our best recommendations for your care. The frequency of your adjustments is determined by the severity and number of subluxations in your spine. You should have chiropractic care for as long as you wish to function on an optimal basis, physically, mentally and socially. To a normal, healthy person, this would mean a lifetime of care.


How many times do I need to be seen?

It depends on the severity of your subluxations and the level of degenerative (arthritic) changes present. We will not know the answer to this until after your initial evaluation. The doctors will go over their findings and give you their best recommendations on your second visit.

Do you take X-ray’s?

Yes. We prefer to know exactly what is happening with the structure of your spine before we give you an adjustment, so we will review existing or take new X-rays during your first visit. We also utilize post X-rays at certain intervals in your care plan to track the changes happening in your spine.

Although most people report that they feel better after receiving adjustments, we prefer to objectively measure progress in your spine through post X-rays. This also holds us more accountable to our practice members.


How long does an evaluation take?

An evaluation in our office takes about 30 minutes. Typically, filling out new practice member paperwork adds the most time to your initial visit. Please download or print your new patient paperwork to expedite your visit.

We pride ourselves on being an extremely punctual practice, so please arrive to your appointment at least five (5) minutes early. We promise you, this is not your typical doctor’s office experience!


Is Chiropractic dangerous?

Chiropractic is vastly safer than any drug or medical procedure.

When a chiropractor makes a mistake, usually nothing happens (as opposed to a good result), or you might end up a little sore. Risk for serious complications such as stroke are on par with that of visiting your family physician. Statistically, there is a greater chance you will be struck by lightning than the chances of a serious complication from a chiropractic adjustment.

Compare this to these frightening statistics for conventional medical treatment. Recent studies estimate 128,000 Americans die every year from prescription medications—even when taking them as prescribed or in a controlled medical environment like a hospital. Up to 31 hospital patients each day acquire a healthcare-related infection during their hospital stay. In 2017, medical errors ranked as the third leading cause of death for Americans.

The safety of chiropractic care is reflected in the fact that chiropractic malpractice premiums are miniscule compared to those paid by MDs. (About $3,000 per year versus up to $50,000 per year.)


I do not like my neck popped – What can you do for me?

We can utilize drop tables and adjusting instruments that are gentle and effective; no popping necessary.


When will I feel better?

Everyone is different. We wish we could somehow predict how fast your body will heal, but there are several factors involved. Our focus is to approach the problem from many angles, such as chiropractic adjustments, functional neurology, and massage.

The central approach is to remove any blockages to your body’s nerve supply caused by spinal shifts called subluxations. All cellular repairs are controlled and coordinated by your central nerve system. Therefore, our goal is to maximize expression of life and healing through adjustments.

How quickly each person will respond to treatments is based on things like degenerative changes, your exercise habits, stress levels, diet, and the number of medications you take. Our doctors will advise you on changes to make in these areas to facilitate your recovery.