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Change Lives - Every. Single. Day.

At Ability Chiropractic, we are firm believers in the concept that a single CEO is not as powerful as a group of great leaders. 

It is our goal to empower each and every one of our team members to be the best version of themselves and thrive within the framework of their position while becoming a powerful and influential agent of change in the realm of the healthcare delivery and philosophy – all while delivering a world-class customer service experience.





Honesty & Transparency

Transparency is essential for any relationship to flourish – personal, professional, or Doctor-Patient. We are transparent with our team about our expectations of them to learn to embrace their strengths and work diligently to strengthen their weaknesses. What does that mean? There is a challenge to be met on a daily basis.

Training vs. Coaching

Training is learning essential skills. Coaching is your evolution. We have a strong desire to achieve both. Your own pursuit of perfection and growth can’t happen without your own drive and desire. Our leadership has complete confidence in our staff’s ability to handle the tough love necessary to grow professionally within our company as well as personally.

Benefits of Employment

The number one benefit to all of our employees enjoy the benefit of complimentary chiropractic care for their immediate family. 

Full time (>30 hrs/week) non-physician team members earn the following benefits:

◦ Health Insurance (50% Employer Contribution toward Individual Premium) ◦ 401k Retirement Plan with 4% Company Match
◦ Accrued Paid Time Off ◦ Quarterly Performance Based Bonus

Open Positions

Passionate, empathetic, and highly skilled Doctors of Chiropractic are the life-blood of our practices. Our doctors are expected to be expert communicators with a desire to learn and develop into a trusted source of knowledge, optimism, and inspiration for our patients. Our task is not small. 

Doctors of Chiropractic are salaried earn the following benefits:

◦ Health Insurance (50% Employer Contribution toward Individual Premium) ◦ 401k Retirement Plan with 4% Company Match
◦ Paid Malpractice Insurance ◦ Paid Ohio Chiropractic License
◦ Guaranteed Paid Time Off ◦ Client Retention and Quarterly Performance Based Bonus

Office Managers are personally responsible for all daily operations of their clinic. Their physical position, while located at the front desk, is far from a receptionist. Office managers are directly involved in all aspects of patient care coordination from greeting every single person as they arrive, to answering client billing questions and assisting the doctors and patients with meeting their health goals.

Chiropractic Assistants  directly assist the Doctors with delivery of patient care in the office, introduce clients to new stretches or care-related activities and correct their form when necessary. CAs directly participate in nearly every aspect of patient care with the exception of delivering the adjustment. They also assist the Office Manager with billing and insurance tasks as well as manage patient referrals. CAs are an integral part of ensuring our Doctors can deliver the highest quality care possible.

Billing Specialists help our clients get the greatest access to care as possible by removing financial barriers to delivering care by being the client’s direct liaison to insurance companies and their representatives. Health insurance in this day and age is an ever changing landscape, and as such demands an analytical personality and extreme attention to detail as well as the tenacity to dig in when problems arise.

LMTs work in concert with the Doctors of Chiropractic to address the downstream consequences of neurological dysfunction and break the cycle of negative neuroplasticity. Notice – our work is neither predicated upon, nor focused on alleviating pain – it’s on increasing function. LMTs work a typically work a 5 hour shift each day.

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