About us
Our Vision

We have a vision at Ability Chiropractic to create one of the healthiest communities in the world right here in Columbus. We envision a world of wellness.

Our goal is to enhance the lives of our community and restore the body’s natural ability to heal itself through the power of the chiropractic adjustment.

Many chiropractors seek only to reduce pain. We know, however, that improved function always precedes feeling better and structure always determines function. No other place in the human body is this more readily apparent or important than in the nervous system.

We seek to provide the highest level of chiropractic care possible through continuing to educate ourselves as physicians, and continuing to educate our patients. Every member of our practice should gain the knowledge to feel more comfortable making decisions their health, hopefully avoiding the necessity of medication or surgery.

Every person in our Ability Chiropractic family – our practice members and employees – have the power to change another person’s life by sharing and teaching the basic healing principle that your body heals itself constantly. Elevating the body’s innate ability to heal itself to its highest potential allows the body the best opportunity to fight any illness, infirmity, or disease process.


Ability Chiropractic in Columbus, Ohio creates a health care experience that is different than any other you have ever had. We care for you in a fun, energetic, open setting that feels more like a local coffee shop than a doctor’s office. The quality of your health care is directly related to the objectives that you and your doctor set together. Our focus is not on singularly treating your pain or disease, but on unlocking the innate healing potential that we were all born with. This may seem like semantics, but the two are innately connected. If simply getting out of pain is your objective, then we can help you. But first, please stop to consider how much more you can accomplish if your health is optimal.

Please take a minute to read over our Core Values and see what is important to us.


We seek to provide the highest level of chiropractic care possible through continuing to educate ourselves as physicians, and continuing to educate our patients. Our doctors regularly co-manage our patient’s complex health situations. When you join our practice, you have the minds of all our doctors. We are also very experienced and interested in working with your other physicians to elevate your healthcare experience and decision making.


We expect our customer service to equal to the level of care our chiropractors provide. In a time when being a consumer has become cold and impersonal, we still believe in the personal touch and relationship. Our practice members are our family – and with that comes both love, accountability, honesty, and transparency.

Honesty &

We believe in honesty and transparency both for our patients as well as staff members. We welcome constructive criticism in our patient experience and procedures and have the deepest commitment to being your doctor and helping you discover your potential. Sometimes we face hard truths about our health and it’s our goal to professionally and compassionately have these discussions in an honest and transparent manner setting realistic and achievable expectations for our patients.

The Why >
The What

Conventional medicine is great at labelling our health issues. A diagnosis is simply a “what” that labels and categorizes a disease process. Returning to a state of health and vitality requires a “why.” We seek to understand not only what plagues a patient but more importantly why it has precipitated in the first place. Addressing the underlying cause is the only true healthcare. For us, our why is the exponential change we hope to see in our community.

“You never know how far reaching something we think, say, or do today will impact the lives of millions tomorrow.”
– B.J. Palmer.