Worthington Chiropractor Helps Arthritis

Everyone grows old and gets arthritis, right? It’s just part of life. You grow up, you work, you get old, you get arthritis, get prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs, and eventually you have surgery or a joint replacement. That’s the cycle – that’s the cycle if you never do anything different than anyone else.

Just this week I had a woman come to the office that had previously been a patient of another chiropractor in Worthington, Ohio that had arthritis. Her Worthington chiropractor told her that regardless of what she ever did, her arthritis was going to continue to get worse. Little did she know that it’s what she’s been doing all along that has caused her arthritis in the first place. (And, of course, if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you should expect to get what you’ve always gotten.) One of the most important things that chiropractors do is help find the cause of the problem, not simply patch and cover it up.

Since we do a lot of educating in the office, we told her about how keeping her body properly aligned can slow or stop her degeneration. We wouldn’t willingly drive our car down High St. with the wheels out of alignment because our tires would go bad or pop. The problem is, we don’t always know when we’re out of alignment unless we get a checkup. That’s where we come in.

Remember – the best way to deal with a problem is to prevent it from ever being a problem. Preventing future problems like arthritis in adults and ear infections or the flu in kids can all be achieved and a spinal checkup and neurological checkup can go a long way to get there!


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