Why the Drugs Aren’t Helping

Why the Drugs Aren’t Helping

If your house was on fire, who would you call? The fire department, of course. Just like if you were in a life threatening crisis situation like having a heart attack or stroke you would go to the MDs at the Emergency room. Our crisis medical care is one of the best in the world.

Good news! The fire department arrived in time to put the fire out. But now the damaged parts of your home need rebuilding. Would you hire the same firefighters that put the fire out to rebuild your house? Obviously not. You would call someone who specialized in building, like a contractor. Similarly, if you wanted to prevent your house from burning down again, would you have the fire department come out and soak your house? It would work. Moldy wet carpet and drywall would sure have a hard time burning…but that doesn’t make for a very healthy living environment does it?

As mentioned, America’s critical care medicine is the best! Unfortunately, however, conventional medicine has no tools in its bag that actually make a person HEALTHIER or to PREVENT illness – and that’s reflected in the statistics. The U.S. is number one in health care spending and consumes over 50% of all drugs manufactured in the world, yet have a shorter life expectancy than 48 other countries. And believe it or not, today’s children are the first generation predicted to NOT outlive their parents. It’s time for a change. Clearly our current system is a “sickness care” system and obviously NOT a “health care” system.

Chiropractic truly is HEALTH care, and it’s the number one choice in “alternative” health. Chiropractors correct the condition known as Subluxation. Subluxation is well-documented in the scientific literature and prevents the brain from properly regulating the body, making homeostasis impossible (homeostasis is the state of balance in the body’s biochemistry, hormone levels, etc.). Though homeostasis is absolutely required for 100% health, the body can live for decades out of homeostasis, in fact creating new seemingly correct levels of chemicals and hormones in the body. That new “normal” level that the body creates due to subluxation creates a state called “allostasis” in the body and this can be corrected using Chiropractic.

A perfect example is high blood pressure. Subluxation puts your body in a constant state of stress causing your body to raise its blood pressure. While normal blood pressure in a healthy individual may be 120/80, chronic subluxation can cause blood pressure to rise slightly above to exceedingly above the healthy range, depending on the severity of the subluxation.

A recent study showed that a single chiropractic adjustment (removing the subluxation) was more effective at reducing blood pressure than 2 powerful pharmaceuticals used in combination! The documented side effects of the adjustment include increased range of motion, increased energy levels, and increase in quality of life (just to name a few). Our office has had numerous patients have their prescription medication dosages reduced. Some no longer need them at all.

The scary thing about subluxation is that we often develop the problem as a child or young adult and because it goes undiagnosed and uncorrected, individuals can go literally decades before they ever feel pain or have symptoms, just like a cavity grows in our teeth for months before the first twinge of pain.

Once the damage is done, it takes considerably more time to correct in adults. Just like cancer or a heart attack, the problem grows silently throughout life and one day, when you least expect it, it strikes – and the consequences can be devastating. That’s why we have devoted our lives to the detection and correction of subluxation. Please contact us to get a full subluxation checkup for you, your children, your entire family, or even your entire place of employment. Help save lives now!