Why Should You See A Chiropractor Weekly?

Why Should You See A Chiropractor Weekly?

Just like how park rangers know exactly when Old Faithful will erupt, we know when the human body will fall out of alignment or try to fix major and minor injuries. Our Ability Chiropractic patients often hear us tell them our recommendation of a weekly adjustment (and at the bare minimum, a bi-weekly adjustment). However, we realize that many of them might not know the “why” behind this recommendation.

We know that when someone has either a macro or micro trauma, the scar tissue deposition happens within 48 hours of when that injury occurs. Research also states that over the entire next year after that injury, your body is remodeling that scar tissue and trying to turn it into usable tissue. 

For example, if you twist your ankle today, 365 days from now, your body is still trying to remodel that scar tissue and make it as functional as possible for your body. If the scar tissue is not dealt with properly or aggressively, within the first 10 days of that injury there is a small fraction of that deposit of scar tissue that is permanent and cannot be transformed into usable tissue, leading to further chronic injury and pain. 

This is why we strongly recommend and push our patients to come see our chiropractors on a regular, weekly basis. By undergoing a weekly adjustment, the body is helped to further remodel that scar tissue and not allow it to sit and cause further damage. 

We offer a variety of chiropractic services to help our patients recover and keep their bodies healthy, including: 

No matter what, our team wants to help our Columbus patients live the healthiest life possible. So why wait? Schedule your weekly adjustment with us today.