Treat Carpal Tunnel Naturally

Woman wrists painCarpal Tunnel can be devastating to a person who spends their work life sitting at a desk or computer…especially if it progresses into pain in both hands. There’s good news, though. Carpal tunnel is totally reversible.

Columbus chiropractors can help carpal tunnel naturally without dangerous injections or surgery. By creating flexability and mobility in the arms and hands through chiropractic adjustments, carpal tunnel pain can be alleviated and even prevented.

Carpal tunnel can also frequently be misdiagnosed. Pain in the wrist and hand can also come from a disc problem in the vertebrae of your neck, and they look very similar. Your columbus chiropractor will decide if any additional imaging like an MRI or diagnostic testing, like an NCV (nerve conduction velocity) or EMG (electromyogram) are necessary for you. At Ability Chiropractic, we don’t guess. We test.