Massage Therapy Services

Ability Chiropractic not only offers a wide range of chiropractic services but also massage therapy to the Columbus, Ohio area. Our licensed massage therapist is trained in deep tissue massage, sports therapy massage, and therapeutic massage.

Deep Tissue Massage differs from a typical massage in that it targets the layers of muscle and tissue underneath those typically targeted by massage therapists. This type of massage uses stronger strokes and friction movements that access the muscle layers. Some clients feel sore for one or two days afterwards. Deep tissue massage helps alleviate back pain, physical fatigue, scar tissue, improves circulation and exercises weak or tight muscles. It can also be paired with a detox program to help release stored toxins.

Deep Tissue Massage Columbus

Sports Therapy Massage is specifically developed for athletes or sports participants, or alternatively for those who are very active and workout. The focus of this type of massage is improving range of motion and athletic performance. Sports massage can help increase joint flexibility, reduce scar tissue, promote tissue regeneration, and improve circulation.

Massage Therapy or Therapeutic Massage is used to help those recovering from an injury, surgery, or other health problems. It focuses on techniques that will help reduce the pain associated with these traumatic events by increasing range of motion and joint flexibility. This can promote tissue regeneration, reduce scar tissue, and improve circulation, promoting a quicker recovery.



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