Felicia Cuthbert


Felicia is a Chiropractic Assistant at Ability Chiropractic where her priority is always ensuring that your care is as efficient, effective, stress-free, and comfortable as possible. Any additional action the doctors feel is necessary to guarantee that you receive the best care possible rests with Felicia. She’s here not only to instruct you on the most effective way to perform each stretch or exercise as directed by the doctors, but also to inform you of the intent behind any supplementary treatment to your adjustments.

The fun, high-energy, and family-oriented atmosphere here at Ability Chiropractic is due in part to Felicia’s always enthusiastic character and in part to our dedicated patients. Having the opportunity to communicate interests, goals, and successes between our massage therapists, Doctors, patients and other staff members is a vital aspect to Felicia’s role. Seeing how passionate patients become about their health after experiencing the power of Chiropractic firsthand is what keeps Felicia inspired.