Dr. Michael Nowell

Michael Nowell

Dr. Michael of Westerville, Ohio didn’t always know he wanted to be a chiropractor- maybe a chef, or a small business owner. Like so many others, it took a life-altering event for him to realize where his purpose lied. Unfamiliar with the extent of Chiropractic’s potential, he’d never considered a career in it, until his dad, a Columbus police officer, was injured on the job. He herniated four discs in his neck and 9-year-old Michael watched as he was carted along the traditional route, one medication after another, and physical therapy that helped but didn’t stop his doctors from concluding that he would still have to have surgery. 

It wasn’t until his dad was finally placed under the care of a Chiropractor that he was reintroduced to something that all other avenues lacked- hope. He heard for the first time that he didn’t have to have surgery, he didn’t have to stop doing what he loved, he didn’t have to give up hope, because now he had a tool to help him heal on his own- Chiropractic. 

It was then that the light clicked on for Dr. Michael and all uncertainty dissipated. His purpose was to use his hands to help people heal, and this was what he was always meant to do. As a Chiropractor, Dr. Michael has a passion for helping children and expectant moms, which stems from a desire to instill the same hope and healing mentality in his community that his dad experienced at 40– from day one, through life-giving chiropractic care.