Dr. Donald Behm

onald Behm

Many chiropractors consider a career in traditional medicine before discovering and pursuing the path of Chiropractic, but for Dr. Don, Chiropractic is what introduced him to the medical field in the first place. When his younger brother was benched after suffering a significant low back injury playing basketball, it was several months before anyone suggested Chiropractic care. Within days of seeing a Chiropractor, his brother was on the road to recovery, and in just four weeks he was able to return to full strength and get back to doing what he loved. 

This experience jumpstarted Dr. Don’s fascination with the body’s amazing capability to heal itself, and the only medical field that facilitated that incredible ability- Chiropractic. Because Dr. Don has been regularly adjusted since he was 10 years old, he is intimately familiar with how essential chiropractic care is to a well-lived life. Dr. Don finds purpose in helping his patients work towards achieving the lives they envision for themselves while gaining a deeper understanding of the power they innately possess to do so without the use of drugs or surgery.