Dr. Cody McClintock

Cody McClintock


Although Dr. Cody used Chiropractic throughout sports as a tool to help mitigate and prevent injuries, it wasn’t until his father was injured at work that he considered pursuing it as a career. Dr. Cody’s father was scheduled to have invasive surgery for a herniated lumbar disc, but he was never told that the success rate of similar surgeries was less than 50% and that the likelihood of him requiring subsequent surgeries was so likely it was almost an inevitability- the success rate of those surgeries even lower, 30%, 15%, 5%. 

Fortunately, Dr. Cody’s father made a last-minute decision to follow up on a coworker’s recommendation to try Chiropractic care. Not only was he able to avoid surgery, but he was also able to return to work and his daily life with better health than ever. It was at that time that Dr. Cody realized he could help provide a better alternative for people in the same position as his father. Now, Dr. Cody tries to advise each of his patients as if they were a member of his own family, approaching each person’s situation with objectivity and honesty, helping them see that their life can change for the better with Chiropractic care, even when they have been told surgery is the only option.