Dr. Brady Partee

Brady Partee


Dr. Brady got his start in chiropractic when he was injured playing football at age 15. After making a tackle, he received a tingling sensation in his arm and shoulder. After seeing several doctors and therapists over the next six months, he still couldn’t do a single push-up without excruciating pain. Finally, someone told him he needed to see a chiropractor. He was told he had a pinched nerve in his neck that was causing all of his discomfort and weakness. Three weeks later, Dr. Brady had full strength in his arm and no pain.

He went on to attend the University of Dayton where he competed inter-collegiately on the water-ski team, was a varsity cheerleader, and was the recruitment and social chair of his fraternity. He also enjoyed playing several intramural sports including football, softball, basketball, and volleyball.

After attending UD, Dr. Brady attended Life University in Marietta, GA where he earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. He earned the Wellpath Award for Clinical Excellence for his outstanding treatment of families and children in Kennesaw, GA. He has been practicing in Columbus, Ohio since 2010.

Dr. Brady is happily married to his wife Jennifer, who is a 3rd grade teacher at Hubbard Elementary. They also have a 1 year old daughter, Isabelle, who has been keeping them very busy!

Chiropractic is a huge part of Dr. Brady’s life and he is looking forward to serving you and your family. It is his mission to help you not only to eliminate pain, but to achieve your health goals and become the healthiest individual you can be!