Dr. Aaron Russell

Aaron Russell

Dr. Aaron believes that everybody should have the chance to discover, through chiropractic care, the true health that lies within. This is why he regularly seeks out opportunities to educate people of all ages, from elementary students to corporate professionals to senior citizens alike, on the vitalistic nature of the human body. He hopes to communicate during each interaction he has, the impact your health-good or bad- has on not only you but on everyone you come in contact with. 

One opportunity that is a constant for Dr. Aaron is his position as a father to both a high school student and a preschooler. This challenges him to focus on maintaining healthy lifestyles at all ages, not only in his own home, but in his community as a whole. His hope for each of his patients is that they discover a quality of life that allows them to impact their families, friends, communities, and the world as they were meant to. And that Columbus will be the city that creates a paradigm shift in the way the world views and approaches healthcare- starting right here at Ability Chiropractic, with you.