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Small Car Accident = Big Problem!

Just about everyone has been involved in a car accident during their lives. From multi-car incidents to minor fender benders, even the slightest motor vehicle accident (MVA) can cause serious spinal problems, particularly in the neck due to whiplash injury. How can a minor car accident create such a huge problem? Whiplash injury can happen regardless of which angle the accident happens from. A whiplash injury occurs in less than .5 seconds! Less than half a second! Obviously the more serious the impact, the more damage can be done, but research indicates that even accidents of less than 3 mph can cause cervical spine problems – particularly upper cervical subluxation. Most people think that the head has to undergo full flexion and extension to damage tissue (looking all the way down and then all the way up) but this isn’t the case. Instead, it is the abnormal motion that occurs…

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