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Do I Have A Posture Problem?

I remember as a kid living up in Mansfield having my parents tell me, “stop slouching, stand up straight!” In school it was “sit up in your seats.” Same thing in band rehearsal learning to play the trumpet as a kid, “sit up, tighten your core!” I hope that parents here in Worthington and Lewis Center do the same, because what I had no clue about was how important posture is to your health! Most people don’t consider the fact that your posture is simply an outward reflection of what is happening in your spine, and therefore your spinal cord and nervous system! Do I Have A Posture Problem? How to Evaluate Posture The best way to look at your posture is to have a local chiropractor do it, we are experts at it – but it’s also important to know how to do it for your family members or…

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