Spinal Checks for Kids, Has Your Child Seen a Chiropractor?

Spinal Checks for Kids, Has Your Child Seen a Chiropractor?

Do you remember the last car accident you had? How about your last sports injury? These types of traumas are usually fresh in a person’s mind. You probably remember how sore you were afterwards. Maybe you’re still in pain from some type of trauma.

canvasBut let’s think back…Do you remember being born? Probably not. Do you remember learning to walk? Probably not. How about learning to ride a bike? Ok, I’m getting warmer, right? Most people don’t realize that some of the biggest and longest lasting traumas that we endure in our lives come when we’re just kids. For example, children fall as they learn to walk. What most people don’t know is that their kids typically fall more than 1500 times before they ever take that first step. When you fall forward on an outstretched arm like that, it causes a whiplash injury in the neck. Think about that – 1500 whiplash injuries before you’re 2 years old. Don’t you think that’s going to affect your growth and development? And if it affects your growth and development, it’ll definitely affect your health down the line. What about 10, 20, 50 years down the road?

The nervous system is the first and foremost to be affected by bodily traumas. The spine takes the brunt of the force of the post-traumatic muscle cramping and limping but the spine’s number one job is to protect the spinal cord and nervous system (because without them, we simply could not live, right?). And as the nervous system is affected, the rest of the body and overall health is compromised. The immune system is often affected the most by this.

Nerves from your spine run to every square inch of your body. Not just every inch of your skin, but every cell and organ internally also. At the finest points they’re as small as hairs. So, if we back track, a problem in your neck or spine causes a problem in the spinal cord or nerves. A problem in the nerves results in a problem wherever the affected nerve travels to. That makes sense, doesn’t it? For a lot of children, an upper neck problem can lead to ear infections. Throughout the spine, common ailments like breathing problems such as asthma are very common and even digestive problems like colic, constipation, diarrhea, and even bedwetting have been improved or eliminated through correcting the spine and nervous system without drugs or surgery.

As with any situation in life, problems are always easier to prevent than they are to correct. That’s why we have our teeth checked and properly maintain them. That’s also why so many people choose to have their children’s spine checked soon after birth and get adjusted for life. We’ve adjusted kids as old as 2 days and adults as young as 92 years.