Chiropractic Care for Spinal Degeneration in Columbus

Chiropractic Care for Spinal Degeneration in Columbus

With over 250 million people around the world being affected by some type of spinal degeneration, there is a desperate need for effective treatment methods. One of the safest and most effective modes of treatment is through chiropractic care like that offered at Ability Chiropractic. 

Our team of chiropractors in Columbus takes special care to properly diagnose and treat your spinal degeneration so you can get your quality of life back without undergoing painful surgeries or being put on medication. Contact us today to schedule a visit at our Worthington, Lewis Center, Westerville, Gahanna, or Powell locations and be on your way to living the pain-free life you deserve.

What is Spinal Degeneration?

The shape of your spine (your posture) can change over time due to the repetitive stresses that we encounter each day – how we sit, sleep, read, talk on the phone, what we do at work, etc. Because of this, our posture changes gradually, and we rarely notice it – until something is very different and maybe we start observing symptoms like pain, numbness, or even muscle weakness or fatigue.

Degeneration in that spinal structure is common yet preventable. By maintaining mobility and optimal spinal structure and function through chiropractic care, the goal may be to prevent the formation of arthritis or slow the progression of existing degeneration. Regardless of what state you’re in, chiropractic care is a safe alternative to medication and surgery.

Degenerative disc disease (aka DDD) and Degenerative joint disease (aka DJD, osteoarthritis, arthritis, etc.) both occur in the spine and result from chronic poor spinal structure. While best viewed on an x-ray, your spinal structure can easily be seen outwardly as your posture. The research clarifies that people who have the best posture as they age have the best health and best quality of life.

If you are experiencing back pain or have already been diagnosed with a form of spinal degeneration, then you need to contact Ability Chiropractic. Our chiropractors for spinal degeneration in Columbus will get you back on your feet and feeling good in no time.

Degenerative Disc Disease

Despite its name, degenerative disc disease, or DDD, is less of a disease and more of a condition that comes as you age. Like most other parts of the body, the spine starts to break down over time and can cause extreme discomfort, pain, and numbness not only in your back but in your limbs and other parts of your body as well.

As time goes on, the discs in our spine become increasingly worn out, which can be shown in more ways than one. Two of the most common ways wear exhibits itself in the disc is by drying out or through cracks in the outer wall.

When a disc dries out, it becomes thinner and, as a result, is not able to absorb as much shock as it once could – this puts added stress on your spine, which can lead to spinal degeneration and moderate to severe back pain.

Another form of disc degeneration is through the forming of cracks on the outer wall of the disc. These small cracks can be caused by repeated injuries over the years or poor posture. A cracked disc leaves the inner nerves exposed and can lead to further injuries through a herniated or slipped disc.

If you have been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, you already know how painful it can be. Our Columbus chiropractors work hard to address your issues with customized degenerative disc disease treatment so you can get back to living the comfortable life you deserve.

Degenerative Joint Disease

Degenerative joint disease is much like degenerative disc disease insomuch as it commonly appears with old age. DJD is a form of arthritis, more specifically, osteoarthritis, and has many of the same symptoms as DDD. Pain caused by DJD is often concentrated around the neck or lower back.

When a patient is diagnosed with degenerative joint disease, a doctor will try to prescribe them medicine, physical therapy, or routine steroidal shots in and around the affected area. While these may help in the short term, a more effective and drug-free treatment method can be found in routine chiropractic care for spinal degeneration.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Spinal Degeneration in Columbus

While it is impossible to reverse the degeneration of the spine, our spinal degeneration treatment in Columbus keeps your spine in proper alignment, which prohibits further degeneration and eases your existing pain. Your spine will eventually return to the posture it has developed over the years, but this can be corrected through routine spinal degeneration treatment.

Ability Chiropractic Care for Spinal Degeneration

If you experience back pain, you know just how difficult spinal degeneration can make your day-to-day life. At Ability Chiropractic, our mission is to make an impact on the world through our professional drug and surgery-free methods of chiropractic care. We offer a comprehensive lineup of chiropractic services to suit your needs. Contact our  Worthington, Lewis Center, Westerville, Gahanna, or Powell locations today for the spinal degeneration treatment in Columbus that you need!