Our structure influences our function. Optimal Structure = Optimal Function. The opposite, thus, is true — Poor Structure = Poor Function.

Degenerative disc disease (aka DDD) and Degenerative joint disease (aka DJD, osteoarthritis, arthritis, etc) both occur in the spine and both result from chronic poor spinal structure. Your spinal structure, while best viewed on an x-ray, can easily be seen outwardly as your posture. The research is clear that people who have the best posture as they age have the best health and best quality of life.

The shape of your spine (your posture) can change over time due to the repetitive stresses that we encounter each day – how we sit, sleep, read, talk on the phone, what we do at work, etc. Because of this, our posture changes gradually and we rarely notice it – until something is very different and maybe we start observing symptoms like pain, numbness, or even muscle weakness or fatigue.

Degeneration in that spinal structure is common yet preventable. Through maintaining mobility and optimal spinal structure and function through chiropractic care the goal may be to prevent the formation of arthritis or slow the progression of existing degeneration. Regardless of what state you’re in, chiropractic is a safe alternative to medication and surgery.

During your first visit, if the doctor feels it is necessary, he will recommend we take the appropriate x-rays at that time in the office. Afterwards the doctor will study them and will let you know if any degeneration is present and, if so, what phase of degeneration your spine is in.