Proprioception Improved With Chiropractic Care

Proprioception Improved With Chiropractic Care

We know that chiropractic care can help improve many different things throughout our bodies, and help us on the road to relieving pain and strengthening our nervous system. Another great benefit of the chiropractic adjustment is the improvement that can be made to our proprioceptive ability. 

What exactly is proprioception? One of the best examples of proprioception actually comes from Dr. Heidi Horovic, where she explains that being able to find your way in a dark hallway in your house takes the use of proprioceptive ability. You are able to make your way down that hallway because you have done it so many times before, and your brain and body know where you are in that area. At a very basic level, proprioception is the brain knowing where the body is in space. 

However, there is a deeper connection between proprioception and chiropractic, explained by Dr. Heidi: 

“It therefore appears that there is a strong link between neck function and accurate proprioceptive processing and thus postural control. In other words, we know from all these studies that if the neck is not functioning properly this makes it difficult for the brain to know what is going on in the neck, obviously making it difficult to control the neck muscles properly. This is known to negatively affect our brain’s ability to stabilize the body, making it easier to trip or fall over.” 

Our team immediately thinks of Sarah, a patient who visits our Westerville office. Once she started to get adjusted, she noticed that she felt less clumsy and fell down less. Her friends would always hear her coming down the hallway because of how clumsy she was before she started to get adjusted. When we were able to help facilitate the proprioceptive ability of her brain, body and her coordination she was able to function so much better. 

When we expand that higher proprioceptive ability to patients with MS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, ALS, and a variety of other health conditions, this could mean a huge improvement in a variety of ways. That could be a regaining of functionality that they might not know is even possible until they receive chiropractic care.

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