Need Help with Migraines?

A 13 year old patient of mine suffered from migraines. She would start feeling it coming on, immediately took a pill, and would and retire to dark room for the next 5 hours or so (sometimes even for the whole night!), drawing the curtains, putting in earplugs..doing anything that she could to take away the pain. When one medication would stop working, her doctor gave her the newest latest greatest pill. She had seen several specialists, had Cat Scans, MRIs, blood tests, you name it – and was told that they could find nothing wrong with her – there was nothing else they could do. She and her mom felt utterly helpless until they tried Chiropractic.

Most people would agree that if you could find the root cause of the problem and correct it, the problem would go away, right? Well, for migraines, the root cause starts in the nervous system. You see, the nervous system controls every process in the body – including how our blood vessels work to adjust blood pressure. The pain from a migraine comes when blood vessels constrict (restricting blood flow) and then reflexively open up creating a tidal wave of blood with each heartbeat (this is the pounding feeling of the headache). If the nerve signal to the blood vessel is interfered with, it can cause those autonomic problems that contribute to migraines!

Chiropractors remove that interference in the nervous system with chiropractic adjustments.

If someone you love is suffering with headaches, have them check out our website at, or have them Contact Us to see if there is neurological interference contributing to their headaches!


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