How Can a Safety Pin Extend Your Life?

The Safety Pin. Great in a pinch when a button falls off your pants..but even better when you realize how it could save your life..

See, that loop that the safety pin makes is the same as the loop between your brain and you body. As long as the pin is closed, nothing comes apart. Your brain gets the correct information from your body and is able to make the right decision and send the appropriate signal back down. What kind of health problems could happen from that? Neck pain? Low back pain? Headaches? Allergies? Asthma? (Hint: Look Here!)

If that pin comes open, the cycle is broken. Information is garbled. The brain makes the wrong decision and sends the wrong signal back down to the cells. Your body may still be functioning, but it’s functioning inefficiently…kind of like your car running with the ‘check engine’ light on. That inefficiency invariably shortens your life (unless it’s corrected, of course!)

As a chiropractor, I find those areas where the safety pin is open (subluxations) and we close it shut again (using adjustments), keeping the body running at 100% optimal health. Because if you’re not living life at 100%, are you truly alive?


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