health seminars

Health Seminars

Health Fairs: Ability Chiropractic routinely participates in public and corporate health seminars and health classes of all sizes and organizations. Typically they are in the Worthington, Lewis Center, Polaris, Powell, and north Columbus, Ohio areas as that is where our office is located; but the doctors love to meet new people and are willing to travel. Our vendor booth is attractive, informative, professional and FUN! Because our booth is interactive, we are often one of the most popular stations at a health fair.

Wellness Seminars: Chiropractors Dr. Chris and Dr. Brian have a number of different health workshops which are available to your free of charge. One of our doctors will come to your event or group meeting and provide a workshop on a topic of your choosing. Our seminars can be tailored to meet the time constraints of any meeting and can range from 15 minutes to over an hour. Our topics range from ergonomics, healthy lifestyle, stress management, nutrition, biochemistry/physiology, weight loss, and exercise.

Individual Spinal Health Consultation: Our most popular service, Ability Chiropractic offers the opportunity for members of your company, group, or event to have a personalized health consultation with one of our doctors. As always, these spinal screenings are provided at no charge and remain our most requested community service.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you selling anything? No. The events we conduct are for community service and public information. No one is ever required to participate. Helping educate through these events is our way of “giving back” to the community of Columbus, Ohio.

What is in it for me? Providing community service promotes good will, and most importantly, good health for your employees. Study after study has shown that happy employees are more productive than unhappy employees. The information provided helps your employees to become healthier, which also promotes a more productive work place.

Is there a cost?  No, there is never a cost to any Ability Chiropractic programs.

What actually occurs at an event? The doctors typically combine a health lecture or workshop with an opportunity for a personalized health screening. The personalized health screening involves a computerized spinal functional analysis and the opportunity to ask questions about specific health concerns. Our massage therapist may also be available for complimentary massages depending on their availability.


Common Concerns

Health programs will decrease productivity. Health programs do occur during business hours. However, Dr. Chris or Dr. Brian generally schedule their programs during lunch. “Lunch and Learns” minimize the time actually spent away from work. Additionally, the information presented is designed to improve overall health and increase personal health responsibility. Employees generally enjoy these programs and happy, healthier employees are the most productive employees.