Exactly how strong is your immune system right now?

Exactly how strong is your immune system right now?

Our immune response is one that happens automatically, without any conscious input on our behalf (lucky us, how exhausting would that be?), and isn’t that the whole point of a healthy body- to function as it should without us having to constantly think about it? That’s exactly what we want for you. Most people have one goal when they walk through our doors- like getting out of pain, and we want that too! But we believe you are capable of so much more than just a “pain-free life”. We want you to rediscover what living in a truly healthy body is like. 

Because our bodies adapt to new norms with exceptional ease, we assume it’s normal to get sick twice a year like clockwork, we don’t remember what it’s like to have energy without our daily dose of caffeine, and we imagine everybody else is in a constant state of stress too… I mean, have you read the news lately? But in fact, these are all signs of a weakened immune system. 

Certain types of stress can help your immunity. In acutely stressful situations, like a bear attack, the last thing you need is an infection from that bear’s bacteria infested teeth in your wounds, so your body ramps up your immune response and goes to war to save your life. 

But more often than not the main stressors we encounter are not bear attacks (we hope, anyway). Instead, we experience an abundance of little stressors. It’s like death by papercuts: the shrill sound of the alarm clock, you step on your kid’s Legos in the dark, you’re reminded that people can’t drive in the rain, Starbucks is out of cold brew, your coworker’s perfume is overwhelming, you go to join the conference call and realize your phone is dead, and then to top it all off you pick up your lunch and only realize after your back at the office that the restaurant forgot your salad dressing. Can you feel the tension building?

Unlike the acute stress of a bear attack, this continued, sustained bombardment of your nervous system actually suppresses your immune system and as a result it is more difficult for your body to fight foreign invaders like viruses. 

So you have two choices: you can quit your job, your family, your life, or, you can help your body adapt to stress more effectively, face life, and own it. 

That is what a chiropractic adjustment does. Every adjustment causes your brain to stimulate the parasympathetic portion of your nervous system (the part that suppresses your body’s stress response). A strengthened immune system is just one of the many extraordinary responses our bodies have to chiropractic care, and just one of the many life-changing milestones we hope to celebrate with you as we have with so many of our patients. 

Now…exactly how strong is your immune system? We want you to have confidence in the infinite power of your immune system to fight off any virus it comes in contact with and to manage your stress so you can experience a greater life. Give us a call and let what your body is innately capable of amaze you.