Eating, Movement, and Thought…for Wellness!

Eating, Movement, and Thought…for Wellness!

Eat healthy, move properly, think positively, and get adjusted!)

These 4 things are the essential if you want to live to 100% of your potential.

These lifestyle choices are what’s essential not just to survive, but the thrive. And it is this idea that Ability Chiropractic truly stands for. We want every family in Columbus, Ohio to be as healthy as humanly possible, so they they may have quality of life for the rest of their life!

Think about those 4 things listed above – as 4 legs to a stool. Take one of those legs away, and the stool still sits upright…but I don’t think I’d want to stand on it, would you? (I guess if you did you’d need an amazing chiropractor anyway!) Think about removing more than one of those pillars. The stool would completely collapse – much like your health would if you decided to get adjusted and think positively but you were a fast food eating couch potato.

Dr. Chris and Dr. Brian’s goal at Ability Chiropractic is to teach all both new and existing clients first of all WHY they MUST do these 4 things to thrive, and then the HOW to implement these ideas in today’s fast paced society. Because you ARE worth more than you realise!

-Chris Mabry, DC