Treat HIV Naturally

Immune System Strengthens in HIV Positive Patients With Chiropractic Care

How many people think about going to a chiropractor in Columbus, Ohio if they suffer from HIV? Probably a lot more if they knew that chiropractic helps with HIV.

The Chiropractic Research Journal reported a study that found chiropractic adjustments increased the immune cell counts of patients who are infected with HIV. The study concluded that chiropractic adjustments increase the number of CD4 immune cells in HIV positive individuals. These result confirm what we already know – that the nervous system and immunity are linked. Correcting nerve system problems by chiropractors in Columbus, Ohio allows the immune system to function better and more efficiently.

The researchers found that the CD4 cells (also known as “helper t-cells”) kept the virus at bay; those with high levels of CD4 cells had low amounts of HIV and those with low levels of CD4 cells had high amounts of HIV. The journal Science reports that people who have a large number of CD4 immune system cells in their blood who are infected with HIV stay well for years in spite of the virus. CD4 cells direct the body’s immune response to invading viruses and are a good measurement of how effective the immune system is functioning. Each of the many different types of immune system cells are designed to attack a specific virus. When a virus is detected in the bloodstream, the specific immune system cell for that virus replicates by the billions, flooding the body with defenders against the danger.

Can chiropractic cure HIV? No, but anyone struggling with HIV in Columbus simply must see a chiropractor based on this evidence. Call or visit Ability Chiropractic in Columbus, Ohio so that we can evaluate your individual needs!


Source: The effects of specific upper cervical adjustments on the CD4 counts of HIV positive patients. Selano JL, Hightower BC, Pfleger B, et al. Chiropractic Research Journal. 1994; 3(1): 32-39.