Change Your Life – Do Something Different!

Change Your Life – Do Something Different!

I read a quote once that said “90% of life is what happens outside of your comfort zone.”

When you think about how much of life is already scripted for us – get up, go to work, come home, go to bed, etc. the quote makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? So much of what we see in our office is the result of people doing the same things over and over, day after day. Spinal problems like arthritis or disc herniations, for example are the result of the physical stress of someone doing the same motions over and over and reinforcing the same posture abnormalities until the structures simply can’t take it any longer.

Chemical stress is no different. We tend to eat the same foods repetitively, rarely venturing outside of our comfort zone. Emotionally, maybe we always tend toward anger or crying when we become upset – we tend not to look for rational alternatives when we engage emotionally.

The chiropractic message and lifestyle are outside the average comfort zone…but who chooses to be average? Albert Einstein surely never chose to be average. Yes, he had an average job and an average family…but he led an extraordinary life – probably because he never settled for the status quo. That’s how we MUST feel about our health. If we choose to live average lives and endure the same physical , chemical, and emotional stresses as everyone else, our death will be simply a statistic. That is why we choose to share the message that we share. That’s why we became chiropractors.

Choose to be great!