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Women’s Pamper Party at Ability Chiropractic

Don’t forget to join us Thursday May 8th from 6-8pm at Ability Chiropractic for our tribute night to women, and of course – our Moms! You don’t have to be a mom to attend! Bring a friend and enjoy a glass of wine, free massages, aromatouch therapy, nails and facials by The Natural Nail Spa, and much much more! Please RSVP with Jillian at 614.888.9355      (that’s 614-888-WELL) Don’t know where we’re Located? Click Here!


6 Reasons For Pregnant Women to See a Chiropractor

While you’re in our Columbus Ohio chiropractic office, you’ll likely notice that we see a lot of expecting moms, kids, and whole families…because why should only one family member be their healthiest? Chiropractic care for expecting mothers is one of the best kept secrets in health care – and here are 6 reasons why you should get adjusted if you are (or are planning on) expecting in Columbus Ohio! 1. Keep your brain and nervous system functioning its best! Every single organ and tissue in your body is connected to a nerve – which connects to your spinal cord – which runs through your spine – which connects to your brain – which uses that information to cause your body to adapt to the environment – by sending signals back down that spinal cord to your organs and tissues! As your spine and posture changes, it changes your brain function….


6 Steps to Plan for Pregnancy

Before you ever paint the nursury or shop for a crib, these are a few HUGE steps to take to help ensure you have a healthy baby, and a safe delivery! Eating for Two – Quality Over Quantity Everyone has seen the situation where pregnant women are encouraged to eat. And ladies, you know…when you’re hungry, you’re hungry; when you’re not, you’re not. Always follow your body’s cues on eating frequency over someone else’s sage advice. But, eating for two is true…what you eat determines the molecular makeup of your growing child! This men’s that the same things that cause health problems in adults can just as easily create problems for a developing fetus…and can do so in much smaller amounts. The fetus is very fragile. Eliminate sodas (diet included). Soft drinks are loaded with sugar that causes an insulin spike for th fetus as well as the mother that…


Chiropractic and Fertility

I ran across a great article on Facebook today talking about chiropractic and fertility and had to share it. For an article that’s not even written by a chiropractor, it’s pretty awesome. I know that Dr. Brian and I have had a lot experience working with expecting moms, but if you’re planning on expecting, getting adjusted is simply a no-brainer. Like I said, read the article, Sheryl Lyon does a great job of explaining what I mean (in not so much a blunt way). (Reminder, you can get lots of awesome knowledge nuggets by Liking our Facebook page Anyway, here’s the article Love, Dr. Chris Trying to Conceive? Visit the Chiropractor! Author: Sheryl Lyon So you decided that you are ready to try to have a baby. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones who conceives within a couple of months or maybe you will find yourself among millions…


Small Car Accident = Big Problem!

Just about everyone has been involved in a car accident during their lives. From multi-car incidents to minor fender benders, even the slightest motor vehicle accident (MVA) can cause serious spinal problems, particularly in the neck due to whiplash injury. How can a minor car accident create such a huge problem? Whiplash injury can happen regardless of which angle the accident happens from. A whiplash injury occurs in less than .5 seconds! Less than half a second! Obviously the more serious the impact, the more damage can be done, but research indicates that even accidents of less than 3 mph can cause cervical spine problems – particularly upper cervical subluxation. Most people think that the head has to undergo full flexion and extension to damage tissue (looking all the way down and then all the way up) but this isn’t the case. Instead, it is the abnormal motion that occurs…


Eating, Movement, and Thought…for Wellness!

Eat healthy, move properly, think positively, and get adjusted!) These 4 things are the essential if you want to live to 100% of your potential. These lifestyle choices are what’s essential not just to survive, but the thrive. And it is this idea that Ability Chiropractic truly stands for. We want every family in Columbus, Ohio to be as healthy as humanly possible, so they they may have quality of life for the rest of their life! Think about those 4 things listed above – as 4 legs to a stool. Take one of those legs away, and the stool still sits upright…but I don’t think I’d want to stand on it, would you? (I guess if you did you’d need an amazing chiropractor anyway!) Think about removing more than one of those pillars. The stool would completely collapse – much like your health would if you decided to get…


How Can a Safety Pin Extend Your Life?

The Safety Pin. Great in a pinch when a button falls off your pants..but even better when you realize how it could save your life.. See, that loop that the safety pin makes is the same as the loop between your brain and you body. As long as the pin is closed, nothing comes apart. Your brain gets the correct information from your body and is able to make the right decision and send the appropriate signal back down. What kind of health problems could happen from that? Neck pain? Low back pain? Headaches? Allergies? Asthma? (Hint: Look Here!) If that pin comes open, the cycle is broken. Information is garbled. The brain makes the wrong decision and sends the wrong signal back down to the cells. Your body may still be functioning, but it’s functioning inefficiently…kind of like your car running with the ‘check engine’ light on. That inefficiency…

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