6 Steps to Plan for Pregnancy

6 Steps to Plan for Pregnancy

Before you ever paint the nursury or shop for a crib, these are a few HUGE steps to take to help ensure you have a healthy baby, and a safe delivery!

Eating for Two – Quality Over Quantity

Everyone has seen the situation where pregnant women are encouraged to eat. And ladies, you know…when you’re hungry, you’re hungry; when you’re not, you’re not. Always follow your body’s cues on eating frequency over someone else’s sage advice. But, eating for two is true…what you eat determines the molecular makeup of your growing child! This men’s that the same things that cause health problems in adults can just as easily create problems for a developing fetus…and can do so in much smaller amounts. The fetus is very fragile. Eliminate sodas (diet included). Soft drinks are loaded with sugar that causes an insulin spike for th fetus as well as the mother that can cause gestational diabetes which is a risk factor for childhood diabetes. Pop and soda also create an acidic blood pH for the mother and fetus abusing the body to enter Fight or Flight physiology leading to increased blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids, serum cholesterol, and heart and respiration rates. Also, this physiology causes a woman to put on more weight during pregnancy than she would normally.

You’ve Gotta Take Fish Oil.

Fish oil contains eicosapentanoic acid (EPA) and dicosahexanoic acid (DHA). These are essential fats that is lacking in our everyday diet and they are the chief building blocks of the brain and nervous system. Childhood neurobehavioral disorders like autism and ADHD, also are connected with inflammation in the brain and functional nerve disconnection. Fish oil is a natural anti-inflammatory. Lastly, don’t get your fish oil from the grocery store, unless your grocery store is like a Whole Foods. The Walgreens or Walmart brand is garbage and a total waste of money. Get the liquid, not capsules. We sell high quality fish oil in our office that we highly recommend.

Quality Multivitamins.

Similar to fish oil, the Centrum brand, etc prenatal vitamin that you can get from the grocery store is not going to help you or your baby. If you’re peeing neon yellow or green after taking your vitamins, you have a low quality vitamin. I know what you’re thinking…”but Doc, it’s better than nothing,” well, in reality those vitamins are as good as nothing, they’re formulated to be made cheaply and because of that, the ingredients are not very bio available. That means that your body can’t absorb them. That’s why your pee is bright yellow. I recommend a liquid multivitamin like what you’d find on naturalcalm.com or the Innate Choice vegetarian viatmin.


Unless your doctor recommends bed rest, you should be up, moving around, and exercising. The benefits for the baby are the same as for you. Exercise helps stimulate your body’s metabolism and increases your body’s sensitivity to insulin, meaning your body uses less insulin, less blood sugar spikes, healthier you and healthier baby. Exercise also raises your brain’s resting metabolic rate, meaning your brain is more active and better at adapting your body chemistry to changes in your and the baby’s physiological needs.

See a Chiropractor!

It doesn’t have to be us, but see someone. Chiropractic during pregnancy helps your body adapt to the stresses of pregnancy. On a purely superficial level, it helps eliminate pregnancy related low back pain and will ensure that when your joints tighten back up after delivery that your body is where it needs to be. Research also shows that women undergoing chiropractic care during their pregnancy haver a lower rate of Caesarian Section births. This is because keeping the body properly aligned allows the baby to get into the vertex position and prevents breech presentation or back labor.

Have the Vaccination Discussion Now, Not Later

Despite common misconceptions, no one can require that your child gets any vaccines. I personally, will never vaccinate my children for a number of reasons. There is a wealth of knowledge and literature to become familiar with before you make a decision one way or another. For me, the risks of the adverse effects from a vaccine outweigh the benefits, especially when you find out that after about 8 years old, children’s blood shows virtually no antibody proof of ever being vaccinated. Research has shown the fallacy of “herd immunity.” Don’t take my word for it, contact us for our recommended reading list.