5 Rules For Happiness – Are You The 1%?

5 Rules For Happiness – Are You The 1%?


The majority of people always think about physical stress, because that’s what we typically associate with pain, or problems, or our physical exhaustion after a long day at work.

If we’re in the top 15%-10%, we think additionally about the chemical stresses we endure. We think about the fuel that we put in our body. We think about creating purity within our system – sufficiency of nutrients within our cells. We think about eliminating toxicity from our households, our foods, and medications.

If we’re in the top 5%, we think about emotional stress. We consider the fact that our thoughts and our emotional surroundings affect our physiology. Stress from work, or home life, or relationships, or kids – some of the stress we feel, some of it subconscious and never making it to the top of our mind…what we don’t always feel is the high blood pressure, the high blood sugar, triglycerides, cholesterol that come from stress – (but we do eventually get the craving for fat and sugar to replace those stress hormones.) The picture above is just a few suggestions on how to lower those stresses. All of them are great ideas, but personally, don’t agree with #5. And this is why…


#5 is the key. If we’re in the top 1%, we act. We must expect more from ourselves. In our thoughts, in our actions. While different ideas can change the way a person thinks, it means nothing if it does not affect our actions. Everyone that gets adjusted in our office is taking some kind of action. What actions are you taking for you and your family?

-Dr. Chris