30 Day Paleo Challenge Details

30 Day Paleo Challenge Details

primal-pyramidThe Paleo Diet is based on the foods that our ancestors ate – ancestors that didn’t have heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. Fossil evidence even shows us that they didn’t even get dental cavities! Join us for the first 30 days of healthy nutrition for the rest of your life!

The Cost is $59. RSVPs are Required. First Workshop / Kickoff is Sat Jan 5th at 9:00AM.

  • 30 Days of small group coaching to eat CLEAN!
  • You may bring your spouse
  • Weekly Workshops covering the How and the Why of Paleolithic Nutrition
  • A Companion book that includes 30 days worth of recipes
  • Online resources for recipes and further guidance – Visit our Companion Site PaleoToThePeople!
  • No expensive pre-packaged  meals
  • Lastly, Dr. Chris and Dr. Brian are doing it too!

The Paleo lifestyle is the dietary recommendations that we follow for ourselves and our families. It is completely safe for pregnant moms, diabetics or for other health conditions. If you have questions, just call us. Currently, the follow up workshops are scheduled for Tuesday Nights at 6. If demand dictates a different time, we can discuss it. We also plan on videotaping the workshops and posting them online for those that can’t make it!

This is not limited to just people in our office. If someone you know would like to join us, that’s fine just let us know and we can get them signed up!